Plantronics range of stylish Bluetooth headsets offer you solutions to communicate with all your mobile devices – mobile phone, PC or PDA.

For optimum call clarity Plantronics headsets include advanced noise-cancelling technology that decreases background noise – so wherever you take your calls, their headsets will ensure you can hear and be heard more clearly.

Voyager® Pro

Plantronics voyager pro bluetooth headset with audio IQ2The Voyager Pro is a brand new Bluetooth headset with AudioIQ2® noise-cancelling technology.

  • Cuts up to 80% of any background noise
  • Behind-the-ear wearing style
  • Lightweight design
  • Six hours talk time
  • Audio voice prompts alert battery recharge and mute status
  • Rotating boom places microphones where they best capture your voice
  • Three layers of protection from wind noise
  • Multipoint pairs one headset to 2 audio bluetooth devices


Discovery® 925

Plantronics Discovery 925 stylish bluetooth headset vframe audioiqAn elegantly designed VFrame™ Bluetooth headset that has a unique carrying case with rechargeable battery.

It is a USB handset, optimised for MSOC, providing the functionality of a familiar phone interface for business users adopting PC telephony.

  • AudioIQ noise control technology which alters the volume depending what type of environment you are in.
  • Attractive VFrame™ design
  • Rechargeable case
  • 3 sizes of eartips
  • Mains and USB charger
  • In the ear wearing style
  • Range up to 10m
  • Weighs 8g
  • 5 hours talktime
  • Multipoint technology allows you to connect to more than 1 bluetooth device
  • Quickpair technology automatically pairs on first time use.

Plantronics have developed Quickpair™ technology to make pairing a headset with a Bluetooth phone even easier. When you first switch on the headset it will automatically go into pairing mode for an extended periods, flashing red and blue. However if the headset has previously been paired with another device, you will need to follow the normal pairing instructions.





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