Services for FlexPod

Integration Services

Comstor offers you a FlexPod integration service that delivers Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus with NetApp FAS storage with DataONTap, pre-installed and delivered in Rack(s) fully integrated, configure and tested.

This enables you  to offer a full stack pre-validated DataCentre solution that is easy quote, re-sell and order.

About the integration service

The integration service is carried out in our facilities at our warehouse, the service is backed by industry accredited engineers and technicians.

All configurations adheres to vendor best practices, and is based on Cisco Validated designs and NetApp Technical Reports for FlexPod.

Software and firmware version used will be in line with latest FlexPod version release currency.All configuration are subject to the completion of Data capture spread sheets (to be supplied)

License information required for MS windows server and VMware software if not purchased within FlexPod, MS SQL license required.

This FlexPod Configuration assumes that out-of-band management ports are plugged into an existing management infrastructure at the deployment site.

In summary each UCS blade will have VMware ESXi installed and configured to boot from SAN. A single shared datastore will be provisioned between all ESXi host . All in-band and out of band management networks will be configured. all ESXi hosts will be integrated to VMware vCentre . NetApp VSC plugin for vCentre and NetApp OnCommand manager will installed and configured.  All Cisco and NetApp licenses will be installed.

The Equipment will be installed in specialist  42RU Racks with shock pallets, and fully connected within the Rack. Any Cross cabinet cabling will be connected at one end and left coiled in Rack, so upon delivery they can be reconnected. Each cable will be Label indicating the connection point and an overview diagram will be provided. The equipment layout will be determined as part of the pre-build process so that power and weight distribution are optimum across racks.