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Panduit - Cisco solutions for Comstor’ s VAR’s/SI’s

Cisco’s data center architecture teams invited Panduit to create an Physical Infrastructure Cisco Validated Design (CVD) to support Flexpod’s risk free deployment into the market.

Panduit manufactures pre-configured Flexpod cabinets that enable Comstor’s DC configuration team to speedily & risk free configure Flexpod’s to your partners exact requirements.

Why Panduit Pre-Configured Cabinet Solutions:

  • Panduit and Cisco collaborate to provide unified data center, connected building/enterprise, and industrial automation solutions, architecture, and services that deliver the following for our channels to sell:
    • Simplified deployment  through pre-configured physical infrastructure solutions.
    • Reduced risk through pre-validated converged systems and architectures.
    • Efficiency through upfront design consideration of power, cooling, space, and industry standards.
    • Business agility through flexible and scalable architectures.
    • Logical to Physical mapping to create the customer deployable solution

Panduit partnership with Comstor

Pre-configured Cabinet solutions, Data Center Assessment Services and profitability lies at the heart of the partnership with Comstor. Consider the following, every Cisco Switch you sell eventually installs into a Cabinet/Rack within a Data Center environment or Coms room….. through Panduit you could enhance your sale and increase your blended margin by adding/cross selling a Panduit ‘pre-configured’ or standard cabinet. 

Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure through simplification, agility, and operational efficiency. Panduit’s Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI) based solutions give enterprises the capabilities to connect, manage and automate communications, computing, power, control and security systems for a smarter, unified business foundation. Strong relationships with technology leaders complemented with its global staff and unmatched service and support, make Panduit a valuable and trusted partner.

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