Imagicle Control

Imagicle Control


Analyse to improve. The efficiency of your company strictly depends on the possibility to control constantly your goals with respects to achievements and possibly propose changes to the way people work. Imagine being able to monitor easily and in real time your communications to increase security and savings through a careful and precise cost control; imagine being able to improve the quality of service and the customer satisfaction by measuring your employee performance and increasing their productivity.


You will be able to increase the company communication efficiency through “active” tools, easy to use: solutions that are not time consuming, not requiring technical skills, but that provide an active system check and notify you about anomalies, with ready-to-use information embedded in the applications you use on a daily basis.

Control Offers you the following products:

Account & Billing        Imagicle Stonevoice
Hospitality Integration  

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Phone Lock   StoneLock  

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