Cistera Networks

Cistera Networks™ is the pioneer and market leader in bridging the gap between voice, video and data within networks.  Cistera Networks designs, develops and markets XML-based application appliances utilised in IP Communications environments.

Product overview:

The Cistera ConvergenceServer (CCS) delivers advanced technology to IP telephony networks based on a company's size and needs. Based on open standards and a proven server technology foundation, the CCS enables customers to create a robust and scalable environment that will adapt to changing needs over time. The CCS platform, combined with a suite of advanced application engines, scales up to support organizations with thousands of users and scales down for offices with fewer than 100 users.
A robust IP telephony voice recorder and media management service designed to support those environtments requiring reliable call recording functionality on a periodic basis.



Dynamic call recording and playback features for the IP phone network. Providing high-quality, on-demand call recording capabilities.With digitised recordings, potential liability is minimised.


Advanced, full-featured messaging service that links data and voice with business' communication devices. Instantly transmit text or voice messages or schedule pre-recorded broadcasts through IP phones or external speakers. Easy to configure and manage via a web-based interface.


Cistera ZoneController
Provides the unique ability to integrate IP phones with overhead speakers for a truly converged overhead paging application. The ZoneController enables simultaneous zone-by-zone paging across both IP phones and overhead speakers, without latency, while utilising Cistera's RapidBroadcast.


Cistera iSCSI Appliance
Provides up to 2.6 terabytes of storage, which equates to approximately 34,000 hours of data storage. Because continuous call recording has the ability to generate large amounts of data for improved archiving and retention needs.


A robust voice enabled directory system that allows telephone users, both internal and external to traverse corporate information quickly without time consuming tree based systems. Callers can use their touch tone or voice to request information and to be directed to the appropriate extension.


Bringing advanced voice, graphics, music, and data streaming capabilities to the IP phone network. ContentStreamer streams messages to callers on hold, applying specific business logic onserving bandwidth.


Manages and controls the use of phones and telecom costs. Provide cost effective Account Code Authentication and Code authorisation.


Organises and manages users' IP phone network from a central administration point. It offers centralised administration and control, while extending functionality and performance to the individual users. Cistera's GroupManager is a native service on the Cistera ConvergenceServer and adds increased flexibility and grouping functionality to Cisco Call Manager environments.


Control behavior of IP phone applications, IP phones and other IP devices from a central administration point. Quick configuration will apply rule-based call management.





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