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Global Procurement System (GPS)


If you have international operations or global sales offices, we provide the largest international Cisco distribution networks in the world.

Through our Global Procurement System (GPS), Comstor is committed to helping help global resellers and integrators more easily execute on a global scale by removing traditional obstacles so often associated with doing global business.  We extend your capability without introducing competitive partners into your end user client. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of differing channel practices, currencies, pricing and tax models, varied support options and assist with vendor reporting obligations.

GPS complements your current capabilities, extends your geographic reach, and provides you and your end user clients with the ability to pursue new geographic market opportunities with minimal investment.

We have operations in six continents and the local expertise that can add global scale to your advantage


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GPS Offerings include:

  Westcon Expertise
We employ a sophisticated distribution management and ERP system as well as an enhanced global system using the next level of distribution and procurement intelligence. Your single GPS point of contact will help keep things organized, streamlines communications to you, and makes it easier for you to do business in multiple countries.
  Local Relationships
Local relationships as preferred trusted partners to your customers with local technical and engineering expertise.
  Tax and Export Law Compliance
Sophisticated ERP/GPS systems allow detailed tracking, identification and alerting to ensure compliance with the complex laws surrounding technology export and taxation. This helps you can achieve timely delivery, mitigate export compliance concerns and alleviate potential liability for shipping technology to restricted countries.
  Locally Processed Transactions
Ability to process local transactions in over 60 countries, where inventory and shipping occur locally. The benefits to you are faster delivery times, fewer customs hassles, lower shipping costs, and tax recoverability for the local end user client.
  Expertise in Global Trade, Customs and Excise Duties
As a multi-national distributor, we are experts in international logistics, customs and duties.
  Local Currency Invoicing
Ability to generate local currency invoices in each of the countries where we have a presence, meaning fewer conversion rate headaches and easier processing.
  Strategic Stocking
Our goal is to help drive your business growth by keeping the inventory you need on hand by geography. Our state-of-the-art warehousing capabilities and logistics centers help you track and manage the levels of product you require around the world.
  Multinational Project Management
We’ll manage the global deal details so your project runs smoothly. Consistent global discount and pricing model and single global contract and credit application, with standard terms and condition.
  Staging and Configuration Services
Leveraging our worldwide logistic centers, your business benefits from our staging and configuration services—a capability most other distributors simply cannot provide. We can help you extend your own value proposition.
  Other Tools and Benefits
Global recognition of sale, automated order systems and global order tracking tools can help us deliver your solutions more efficiently and accurately.