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Ferramentas de Capacitação de Parceiros Cisco

Cisco is offering a wide variety of Partner Enablement Tools. We have highlighted the most interesting ones for you:

Cisco Partner Marketing Central: allows you to create your own customised marketing materials based on the latest Cisco templates.


Navigate to Accelerate by Cisco

Cisco Navigate to Accelerate:Cisco's plan and commitment to help you navigate the current economic climate while preparing you to accelerate during the upturn.


Ciscp Partner Practise by Comstor

Cisco Partner Practise Builder: are you interested in accelerating your business to the highest performing level possible?


Cisco Competitive Edge by Comstor

Cisco Competitive Edge: a special portal with the most up-to-date information and tools about how to position yourself when you are selling Cisco products against the competition.


Cisco Navigator by Comstor

Cisco Navigator: an easy-to-use wizard that will help you locate the right Partner Enablement resources and allow you to build an initial Partner Enablement Plan.


Comstor Webcollage Cisco Webcollage is a hosted service that retrieves all product marketing content from Cisco’s site and dynamically extends it to your website.


SB Launch Pad The Cisco Small Business Launch Pad is a one stop shop that provides you with all the content and tools you need to introduce and promote the Cisco’s new Small Business products into your portfolio. 


Cisco Apps Cisco Apps, is place where you will find all the latest Cisco Apps, for all the different brands like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7.


Partner Enablement: Sell – Deliver – Support
Partner Enablement makes it easier for you to more effectively sell, deliver and support Cisco technologies and solutions. Cisco's Partner Enablement tools will support you with you training, selling & marketing offerings to help you grow your Cisco business, absorpe new technologies and develop increased productivity.

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