Security Ignite

30/Abr/2017 – 30/Jun/2017

Security Ignite

Through Security Ignite, security specialized partners automatically receive additional up-front discounts of up to 56 percent on new next-generation security solutions that are registered through Hunting (Opportunity Incentive Program) or Teaming  (Teaming Incentive Program).

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End Date: 29 July 2017
Eligible Partners:Express Specializations, Advanced Security Architecture Specialization, Master Security and Master Security Host Specialized Partner.
Combined with: OIP, TIP

Overview of the ignite promotions:

Security Ignite
Receive special pricing when you actively identify and develop new next-generation security opportunities.

Security Ignite — AnyConnect Migration
Attach AnyConnect to any ASA refresh or a non-Cisco remote access takeout and add value to your ASA refresh opportunities.

Security Ignite - ASA and Competitive Refresh Promotion
Get discounts on qualifying products when refreshing
ASA and competitive firewall products to the industry’s first, and only, threat-centric, next-generation firewall with FirePOWER Services platform.

Security Ignite - Email Security Competitive Refresh
Refresh your customers' competitive email security software with the latest Cisco solution.