10/03/2011 Invitation to Tech DC EU Partner - TCO Tool overview

18-01-2012 9:00 – 18-01-2012 18:00

Updated DC/V Partner Technical Webinars - March

We are pleased to announce the latest DC/V Partner Webinar Schedule for March. Please see below for full details:


Partner UCS update session. Topic: TCO Tool overview


In order to better serve you as DC partners, The European Partner Organisation (EPO) technical team holds a bi-weekly call that we hope you will find useful.  The reason for the call is simple.  We don't want to show you slides until you sleep.  But, we would like to provide you with a regular forum for you to bring your questions, opinions, and design discussions around Cisco's DC solutions.  It is your time to have direct access to our group of engineers to talk about whatever you like.  This could be in the form of a design consultation, clarification of an issue, information on where to go to find more details on configuration, tools, etc.  It is also a channel for us to quickly give you important informational updates on recent events.  For example, we may have marked something End of Sale, or we might be providing discounted bundles on a limited time basis, etc.  This type of update is useful to keep you up to date and have the latest at your fingertips. The call is only as useful as you choose to make it, so we encourage you to join, bring your voice, and let's make it a positive result.

For DC/V technical questions please contact: 




TCO Tool Overview
How to use the TCO Tool
Tips and Tricks

Presenter: Nick Martin, CSE European Partner Organisation




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Looking for recordings or slides from previous webinars?   Previous DC webinar material can be found at: under the European Theater Events Archive.



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